Join us for a 250 mile bike journey from NJ to Boston
in support of Zimele USA's work in South Africa.

Have you ever tried something just to see if you could do it? Have you ever done anything that would test your physical, emotional, and spiritual limits? The Ride for Zimele started after 3 cyclists biked their first “century”, which is a 100-mile bike ride. Emboldened by their accomplishment, they decided that their next endeavor would be to take a 250-mile, multi-day bike ride up to Boston, MA. This time however, they decided not just to ride for the sake of puffing up their cycling resume, but to Zimele USA.

Will you join our team this year? Use your legs to pedal, and together we can help to end poverty in South Africa!

To join this June 10-13, contact Angela at angela@zimelecommunity.org

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